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about me

i am vukasin stančević, a seasoned explorer in the fields of product design, NFTs, multimedia art, electronics, and music. i am the co-founder of cryptographics.

i spent the last year learning and creating generative NFTs on the fx(hash) platform.

currently, i am working as prouct designer at peer. prior to this, i was a product designer at defiSaver and XDEFI wallet, where i helped create crypto wallet, games and NFT platform.

my formal education comes from the faculty of applied arts, where i completed my undergraduate and master’s studies in creative photography. 

with this solid foundation, I continue to push the boundaries of technology and art, exploring new ways to create and share unique digital creations.

portfolio links:

Portfolio (UI/UX): BehanceDribbble,
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NFTs: fxHash

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generative art — NFTs

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) have revolutionized the art world by providing a unique platform for artists to showcase their creations in a digital landscape. For me, NFTs represent an exciting opportunity to delve into uncharted territories, exploring the vast possibilities that emerge at the intersection of technology and artistry.

As an avid enthusiast of generative art, I find immense pleasure in the process itself. It’s not just about the final artwork; it’s about the intricate steps that lead to its creation. Each stroke of code, each algorithm crafted, and each creative decision made during the digital drawing process contributes to the mesmerizing tapestry that unfolds before your eyes. It’s an artistic dance where mathematics and aesthetics intertwine, resulting in stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces.

You can see more of my generative art on following link


This is a culmination of various creative expeditions undertaken over the years, forming an assortment of seemingly disparate elements.

Ranging from illustrations, generative art, 3D creations, 3d assets for game, prints, screen captures… This is a facet of my creative endeavors primarily steered by curiosity, and less constrained by formal directives. Fascinated by what you come across? 

I’m open to cooperation. Feel free to get in touch.


— Presscyclage, S.U.T.R.A., 21. – 23.11.2014.
— Kolorfon, Transsampler, 12.-19. 04. 2015.
— CodeArt, S.U.T.R.A., 31.05.-13.06.2017.
— Sequence of the remains, art+science:makers, 13.11.-08.12.2018.
—, S.U.T.R.A., 10-23.09.2019.


— Master’s degree, 2010 – 2014, Photography
— Master’s degree, 2014 – 2015, Creative Photography

working experience

— Luna / TBWA,, jan 2015 – may 2016, Graphic Designer
— Noformat,, jun 2016 – apr 2018, UI / UX
— Decenter,, nay 2018 – aug 2022, product designer
— XDEFI Wallet,, aug 2022 – oct 2023, product designer
— peer,, oct 2022 – present, product designer