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YugaPost is a retro PS1 style game about the mail delivery.

Step into the mysterious world of Beligrad, indie game that transports you to the atmospheric streets of a imaginary Yugoslavian city in the 1980s. As the protagonist, a diligent delivery guy caught in the midst of a complex web of intrigue, you’ll navigate the dual life of a messenger by day and a covert spy by night.

During the daytime, you’ll embark on your primary quest as a delivery professional, traversing the bustling streets of Beligrad to fulfill your tasks. Immerse yourself in the authentic sights and sounds of the era, encountering a diverse cast of characters, each with their own stories and secrets to unravel. Engage with the vibrant city, as its atmosphere and people shape your journey.

However, as night falls, a whole new dimension awaits. Drawn into the world of espionage, you will embark on your secondary quest as a spy. Tasked with locating and eliminating a target, your skills will be put to the ultimate test. But beware, for you, too, are marked as a target, and danger lurks in the shadows. Uncover the truth behind the web of intrigue, navigate treacherous alliances, and survive the night as you unravel the mysteries that lie beneath the surface of Beligrad.

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