multidisciplinary explorer

analog vj

the retro fusion vj projector—a captivating blend of vintage aesthetics and modern innovation. i’ve ingeniously repurposed an old slide projector, infusing it with new life and functionality for live band performances. by enabling the use of film rolls and printing my artwork on transparent foils, this projector transforms each live show into a mesmerizing visual journey. every tweak and enhancement serves a singular purpose: to elevate the band experience, creating a unique synergy between music and visuals. join me in this artistic fusion where technology meets nostalgia, and witness the magic as the retro fusion vj projector adds an extra layer of depth and vibrancy to the stage.

premiere of MAKURA NOTO preformance piece by mariko hori and ponton (Igor Stangliczky & Marko Jevtic): ポントンの演奏をバックグラウンドに、自身の夢に見た物語を堀真理子が語ります. PonTon are soundscape storytellers since 2008. previously known as StJv band. don’t be shy, have a listen >