I am Vukasin Stančević, a seasoned explorer in the fields of UI, NFTs, multimedia art, electronics, and music. I am the co-founder of Cryptographics ( a decentralized digital art creation platform that enables users to create, store, and trade unique, randomly generated digital art on the blockchain.)

I spent the last year learning and creating generative NFTs on the fx(hash) platform.

Currently, I am working on the UI for XDEFI wallet's mobile app. Prior to this, I was a designer at DefiSaver, where I helped create games and NFT platforms for DeFi apps.

My formal education comes from the Faculty of Applied Arts, where I completed my undergraduate and master's studies in creative photography.

With this solid foundation, I continue to push the boundaries of technology and art, exploring new ways to create and share unique digital creations.

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Portfolio (UI/UX): Behance, Dribbble,
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NFTs: fxHash

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— Presscyclage, S.U.T.R.A., 21. - 23.11.2014.
— Kolorfon, Transsampler, 12.-19. 04. 2015.
— CodeArt, S.U.T.R.A., 31.05.-13.06.2017.
— Sequence of the remains, art+science:makers, 13.11.-08.12.2018.
— Fles.news, S.U.T.R.A., 10-23.09.2019.
— Master's degree, 2010 - 2014, Photography
— Master's degree, 2014 - 2015, Creative Photography
Working experience:
— Luna / TBWA, lunatbwa.rs, Jan 2015 – May 2016, Graphic Designer
— Noformat, noformat.com, Jun 2016 – Apr 2018, UI / UX
— Decenter, decenter.com, May 2018 – Aug 2022, UI / UX
— XDEFI Wallet, xdefi.io, Aug 2022 – Present, UI/UX
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Behance, Dribbble, Instagram